Learning about drones


What is a drone?

The term "Drone" is a casually thrown-about word that can be synonymous with "quadcopter," "UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)," "UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System)," or basically any aircraft which is operated remotely.

What can a drone do?

Drones are growing rapidly in popularity both in the hobby world as well as big commerce. Inspection and surveillance of high towers and large properties are made worlds easier through the use of drones. Some drones, combined with the right software, can even create 3D imagery of buildings and landscapes, and provide elevation profiles and other useful information.

Is it watching me?

When most people see a drone flying overhead for the first time, they tend to feel uncomfortable. It's a brand new thing and it's not something we're used to seeing. TV and other media don't help the hype, either. "Are the neighbors spying on me?" is the general question. As drone operators, we say with confidence, and on behalf of the other professional operators, that no, we are not looking at you. From a height of 400 feet there are MANY things to see that are much more interesting. 

What if they ARE watching me?

With drones still being a relatively new idea, there are many "gray areas" with the rules. Precedents are starting to be set regarding the air space above your home. If you are convinced that a drone is watching you and isn't monitoring something near you, the authority to call is your local or state police. They will investigate, and if they feel anything unethical or illegal is occurring, they will contact the Federal Aviation Administration. Before you do that though, attempt to locate the person operating the drone. Without being hostile, ask them what they're working on and express your privacy concerns. There's a good chance they'll be willing to work with you and will mitigate the problem.

The Four Cat Promise

While we are committed to providing top quality service, we are also setting an example in the industry. All local, state, and federal laws and regulations will be strictly adhered to in accordance with 14 CFR Part 107.

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